Kinetika is an internationally renowned outdoor arts organisation with a 20 year pedigree. It focuses on producing large scale work through community out-reach and participatory projects. We run workshops, artist training, educational programmes and engagement projects with local authorities, community and arts organisations, schools, colleges and charities.

Our aim is to engage hard-to-reach and culturally deprived areas through celebrating community, creativity and achievement. We aim to inspire intercultural dialogue, form new friendships, develop civic pride and create lasting legacies.

The artwork produced through these collaborations with local people and artists creates beautiful installations, textiles, silks and costumes that everyone involved can reflect upon with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

We also run the annual T100 walking festival offering a series of led-walks along the Thames Estuary corridor, exploring often overlooked areas and seeking to rediscover the history, local knowledge and heritage in these places. The walks are free, open to all and cover a variety of distances and terrain making them accessible to most people.  


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