Geocache: Creative Folkestone - Janus in Payers Park

Composed and mixed by Joel Cahen 
Materials created by students from The Folkestone Academy during a series of workshops.



The music is based on the theme of Janus, as the figure looking forward and backwards yet feeling centred. Payers Park is a place where children, teenagers and adults spend time playing, chatting or having their lunch break. The background for this track is therefore the transition between childhood and adulthood as experienced through a breakup of a relationship. Looking back at what seems now like an immature and childish relationship and looking forward to a new friendship and a beginning of life as an adult. The park is the site for this transition.

 The use of headphones is recommended for listening.

 Students of The Folkestone Academy: Mercedes, Pedro, Rosie, Lucy, Jorja, Georgia, Sky, Ankit, Dell. 

About Joel Cahen
A composer, sound designer and producer based in Kent. Amongst Joel’s projects are Wet Sounds, the internationally acclaimed underwater listening experience, and We’re All Bats, The Listening Arts Channel, presenting online and on site workshops and experiences based in Listening. He also co-founded the charity Liquid Vibrations providing Musical Hydrotherapy to SEN schools.