Geocache: Hastings Contemporary - Look Out

Hastings Contemporary Look Out geocache


GC97 Z5B
Location: Old Coastguard Tower, Hastings County Park
Title: ECC Hastings LOOK OUT

The Makers
The Look Out cache team, Kelly Morgan, Cath Cooper, and Sally Vennard, came together to research and create a geocache in Hastings Country Park working with Artist Mary Hooper. Kelly, Cath and Sally are volunteers on Groundworks South’s Hidden Hastings Heritage Project at the Country Park, a project to increase access and awareness about the rich heritage of this extraordinary landscape.

The Process
The team quickly set to researching what they could find out about the site and the wider area. Each member of the team found a story which excited them and did the research to contribute to ideas about what should be stashed in the cache and what should go online. These different perspectives enrich the experience of the visitors to the site, populating a derelict space with people and events from different eras.


Hastings Contemporary Look Out geocache



The stories of the local area ranging from the times of the dinosaurs to tales of aviation, World War 2, smuggling and the coast guard lives. Fairlight was a trig point for the first Ordinance Survey Maps in the 1790s, the inspiration for the sticker design by Adrian Newton. Mary has created a soundscape of the location, combining human stories and sounds of the landscape.