Geocache: Towner Eastbourne - Known to the unknown


About Dig Deep

Dig Deep shares memories, stories and ideas of local people and brings together voices with unique connections to and perspectives on an archaeological dig that took place in Eastbourne (St Anne’s Hill) in 1997.  Through a series of conversations, thoughts around identity, legacy, movement and belonging are sensitively explored, all in connection to a grave site of an unknown female (Frankish Woman) and the objects that were excavated alongside her. Listening to this, you will sense the patience, care, thrill and wonder of discovering the fascinating artefacts that were unearthed, and how these objects continue to connect us.

In Dig Deep I, you will hear an introduction to the delicate process of digging during an excavation. 

Dig Deep is a new audio work, by artist Karolina Raczynski and combines extracts from many interviews recorded over zoom during the UK’s third national lock-down, with contributions gratefully received from:

Christine Binnie 
Trista Clifford 
Kelly Van Doorn 
Camilla Francombe 
Laura Murphy 
Claire Piper
Jo Seaman 
Helen Warren 
John Warren

With thanks to Archaeology South-East UCL, Eastbourne Natural History & Archaeological Society and Heritage Eastbourne.


Dig Deep, pt I (GC8HWY6)

The cache objects you’ve also discovered have been made by artist Amy Leung with members of the Eastbourne YMCA LGBTQ+ youth group. These geocaches reveal many engraved marks and embellished layers and textures made with the young people through making and conversation, in connection to their personal objects and the qualities these shared with the grave goods unearthed in the St Anne’s Hill excavation. Don't forget to log your find.