Geocache: Hastings Contemporary - Tree of Life


Location: White Rock Gardens
Title: Tree of Life

The Makers
This cache is a collaboration between Hastings Youth Council (HYC) and artist-activist Beccy Mccray, with expert insights from geocacher and HYC co-chair GCHarribo. The Youth Council are a group of 14-21 year olds who are passionate about empowering youth voice and making change. Beccy McCray makes playful, socially engaged art seeking to break down boundaries between art, activism and everyday life.


The Process
The group met with Beccy to find a site and to explore possible content and messages for their cache. They had lots of ideas and worked carefully to arrive at a sculptural form that would hold them. They exchanged ideas online and met outdoors as and when they could.

The geocache was inspired by memories of Hastings Museum, and aspects of Hastings Life which the Young People felt were important to their identities and experiences growing up in a seaside town. They decided to use the four elements to express the importance of nature and how this brings communities together. It was felt that what makes Hastings unique is the beautiful natural spaces such as beaches, sea and woodland areas.

The members felt this brought the community together and was an important part of childhood and youth in a seaside town.

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